Pranayama – Yogic Breath

The Breath is the most vital possess of the body. Yoga Breathing is a profound way to use the whole lung capacity and learn the control of your whole respiratory system maximizing your oxygen. Improving your breathing habits will lead to increased vitality and doing a few rounds of breathing exercises each day will thoroughly “recharge your batteries”.

Yoga breathing, or Pranayama, is the science of breath control. It consists of series of exercises especially intended to meet the body’s needs and keep it in vibrant health.The primary element of life is derived from the air we breathe. In yoga, this subtle element is known as prana or life-force. Prana is not the air itself but the subtle life-giving element extracted from the air. The more life-force you have in your body, the more “alive” you are; the less life-force, the less “life”.

Yoga Breathing or Pranayama should not be forced and done without proper preparation It is part of a process in yoga. Breath control is a spiritual practice of cleansing the mind and body which should be done appropriately and with proper guidance and preparation.

Please study the instructions and view the video and then go to the practice. Especialy , When practising kapalabhati for the first time, dizziness or hyperventilation may occur if you do it incorrectly, so make sure only the abdomen is moving, both in inhalation and exhalation (not the chest or collar bone. At the least sign of dizziness, immediately stop the practice, lie down and relax on your back.

Yoga can be physically demanding activity . it is vitally important that you are in  a physical condition that will allow you to participate without presenting danger to yourself or others. If you have any concerns that a health condition , injury or previous lack of physical acitivty may put you at risk of personal injury or discomfort , Please consult your physican before commencing on any yoga practice.

Here is our attempt to help practice pranayama  in an easy to follow app with voice of true yoga master , please download the app from app store and provide us your feedback

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  1. Thank you for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your next post thank you once again.

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Yogic Breath App
Yogic Breath App User Feedback

Pure, simple and wonderful
by BoGAndi
I use this app every day, and there is still so much to learn and discover about it. I started with the lying down relaxation, which is a short Yoga Nidra, now I am using Alternate Nostril Breath as well, to get rid of stress at work, and this is only the beginning. Thank you for the great details! Very useful and beautiful app!

Very helpful
by Otkid
I have just started yoga instructor training, and I find this app very helpful and simple to use. Even my yoga teacher was impressed with this app.

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