Yogic Breath App 1.1 launched

We have launched Yogic Breath version 1.1 

Please update , this is an  important update for all the customers who are using the app on iPad. There was issue with the way practice audio functions on iPad version of the app, its fixed now. Our aim is to continuously improve the app .  In this regard we need all users of the app to provide us your valuable feedback. Please let us know any  new features you would like them to be part of the app.  And also please provide your reviews / ratings on the app store .

Thanks a lot for support shown so far.

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Yoga Sun Salutation
Yogic Breath App
Yogic Breath App User Feedback

Pure, simple and wonderful
by BoGAndi
I use this app every day, and there is still so much to learn and discover about it. I started with the lying down relaxation, which is a short Yoga Nidra, now I am using Alternate Nostril Breath as well, to get rid of stress at work, and this is only the beginning. Thank you for the great details! Very useful and beautiful app!

Very helpful
by Otkid
I have just started yoga instructor training, and I find this app very helpful and simple to use. Even my yoga teacher was impressed with this app.

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