Deep Breathing and Stress Relief

If you are stressed out , pause . Take a break from what ever you are doing , find a quite place and practice deep breathing. Use  Yoga breathing techniques such as diaphramatic breath and alternate nostril breathing.

Yoga breathing or Pranayama , calms your mind and provides the relief from stress.  Yogic breath app can help in this . Here is the procedure ,

  1. Select the Relax breath and practice relaxation.
  2. Once body is fully relaxed , sit in comfortable position and practice Anuloma Viloma Pranayama – beginner level .
  3. Select Pranayama laying down beginner’s level and practice diaphramatic breath.
  4. Select the Relax breath.
You can repeat number of times this practice as needed.
Observe the freshness in  your thoughts once you complete this process.
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Yogic Breath App User Feedback

Pure, simple and wonderful
by BoGAndi
I use this app every day, and there is still so much to learn and discover about it. I started with the lying down relaxation, which is a short Yoga Nidra, now I am using Alternate Nostril Breath as well, to get rid of stress at work, and this is only the beginning. Thank you for the great details! Very useful and beautiful app!

Very helpful
by Otkid
I have just started yoga instructor training, and I find this app very helpful and simple to use. Even my yoga teacher was impressed with this app.

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